4cocos Communication and Marketing
it all starts with an analysis of the situation

What do we do?

One key element in our operations is to analyse our client’s starting point. We put special effort towards understanding where our customer wants to go, their objectives and requirements. Each customer is unique and therefore this analysis gives us the starting point.

With this information in mind, we dig into all our skills to bring out the best strategy for our customers. Sometimes, it involves online marketing elements, such as websites, blogs, social networks. Some times it requires studying the existing customer base and designing an action plan to cross-sell or re-activate them. Our skill also help with off-line marketing activities, with graphic design, printing and packaging being key elements for our customers.

Often we have to work alongside the operations of our customer’s business to get the best visibility to it assets.

It is not about convincing people

Our way of working involves the concept of understanding first so that we can later explain. For this reason, another key element in the initial phases include the study of target profiles. This way we can communicate with them more effectively, giving answer to their questions and challenges.

“I have learnt not to try to convince anybody. The action of convincing shows lack of respect, it is an attempt to colonize the other person”

Jose Saramago


How do we work?

Analysis, but what is that about? There are many details to take into consideration. Some of them are obvious, and some others are more suttle [as the old saying goes “the devil is in the detail” – this, we believe, is very true].

Sometimes, when you don´t know what you want, it is easier to start with what you don´t want. With this logic in mind, we are not a consultancy offering resources to businesses. We are not a typical communications agency. We are not a marketing and PR agency either. Our understanding is that as every action is connected, focussing on a single area alone, we lose sight of the full picture and therefore lose opportunities.

That said, we can start explaining why it is so important that our work kicks off with an analysis of the state of play. At times, we have come to the conclusion that the main element to improve is internal management and team motivation before adding the communication and marketing layer. Some other times, the required set of actions involve active communications as we know them. In some instances, we need a bit of everything.

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